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Mulberry Media is part of a network with a wide reach. We have worked with many online coaches, consultants and personality-based businesses. Many of our clients are small local businesses in Middle Tennessee, but some of our clients are best-selling authors who have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America.

Check out a few case studies and reviews below!

Identifying information has been removed for case studies for client privacy.

In 2023, we hit it out of the ballpark with a best-selling author, businesswoman and business mentor, getting her 23 high-ticket sales, making 57K in 60 days

She grew her list by 1,873 people in the 60-day period (it's now over 7000 subs), a 42% landing page conversion rate, and 23 sales into her high-ticket coaching program. We've now automated the funnel into an evergreen model and it's making sales consistently.

See the full report here.

Here's another example of a client with a big year, Our know-how earned an online coach 24K in 60 days!

The coach experienced a 650% increase in freebie traffic, a ROAS of 9.6x, webinar registrations for $1.99, increased booked calls by 320% and increased landing page conversion rates to 58%. 

See the full report here.

“Your knowledge about FB ads and funnels is impressive! Your strategy works! 

You have been extremely helpful in giving me a clearer idea of my audience. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my videos and having a funnel sequence. 

I will definitely use your services again!”

Celia Sasser – Celia Sasser Interiors

“After ONLY ONE session, my online marketing strategy was refocused and I had very specific goals to work on in order to begin my marketing campaigns and was very responsive to my follow-up questions. 

I look forward to continuing to grow my business knowing that the team is there when I feel stuck. YAY!”

Valeriya Slavnic – The Light in You

“You helped me get more clarity on the message I’m trying to get to the world and made the whole website and funnel thing seem much less intimidating. 

I actually gained some major motivation on ways to fix my site so thank you very much!!” 

Leslie Hodgins – Authentically Leslie

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